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In Numbers


2nd highest salary of districts in SC with less than 10,000 students


Eleventh Highest Paid Superintendent in SC for 2022 (Does not include incentives like monthly housing allowance, travel, and fringe benefits. If you add that all up on what he received last year, he is probably top 3!) It was also mentioned that he may have been a coach and homebound teacher and gotten paid separately for those two things last year. We are looking in to this. The full budget is attached and all of the Superintendent breakdown is on page 9.


Highest Salary in districts above 77% poverty


K-12 Public School Student Enrollment (Clarendon County)


The Spartanburg Herald reported that Shawn Johnson's salary for Clarendon 2 in 2021-22 was $147,798.  However, he was also paid a salary as superintendent of the new consolidated district.  My understanding is that in 2021-22 he received $250,000 from the two districts. (Supporting Documentation in this link also shows housing and travel)


That's how many schools boards are appointed in SC out of 81 districts. The legislation for this consolidation and appointment was introduced and written by Senator Kevin Johnson. Governor McMaster did VETO it but the house was able to override the VETO.


Based on the numbers reported by the Spartanburg Herald, $173,100 is the average salary of an superintendent in SC.


First off, there is no way I could have done all of this by myself, so I would like to thank everyone who has invested their time and energy to help bring this information to light. You know who you are, and I appreciate you. I personally want to thank Mr. A.C. English, who took the time to question the excessive salary for the Superintendent of Clarendon County. As many of you know, my campaign has been working tirelessly to bring to light all of the mismanagement of money, appointments, and possible fraud. As for people questioning if I have my facts, I will always do my due diligence in making sure that I properly investigate issues before bringing them forward. It has been short of a miracle to find ANY public information without a fight, or having someone who knows where to find it. Transparency in all levels of government is essential, and that is what I am here to accomplish.

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